basic information
Birth name: Chione Thii Mubarak.
legal name: caedence amina mubarak.
nicknames: chichi, cae, caedy, cc, mimi, minmin.
birthdate: july 31st, 1990; twenty-nine.
birthplace: east oakland, california.
hometown: milpitas, california. ( 13 y/o+ )
residence: santa monica, california.
marital status: Single; not interested.

Physical Statistics
Ethnicity: egyptian american & african american.
eye color: light brown/cinnamon.
hair color: bleached honey blonde ( currently ).
piercings: ears, nose ( x1 ) and vch.
tattoos: left wrist, behind right ear, right arn & right side ( hip to thigh ) .
scars: left foot, a scar from childhood in which she cut her foot on glass playing outside with her brothers.
Misc: Big smiles cause deep dimples and one of her eyes to be more squinty than its twin.

Religious Background: Raised both Muslim and Baptist; no preferece.
Lanuages: english, some conversational spanish and egyptian-arabic.
Writing Hand: Ambidextrous (left strongly favored).
Penmanship style: Just Realize.
Transportation: 1964 Buick Skylark rag-top, 2019 mercedes benz g-class suv.
chione thii mubarak was born on july 31st, 1990 to kunal and sharmila mubarak. kunal had two children prior to his marriage to sharmila, with his first wife nadia. his first marriage to nadia was an arranged marriage by his parents that lasted twelve years until nadia's passing. sharmila took on the burden of raising kunal iii and jafari before the birth of chione (caedence).

upon chione's fifth birthday, her name was changed legally to caedence amina to ensure she didn't grow up with ridicule for her heritage. during this time, her personality was developing and she had come to learn the reality of her brothers having more freedoms than she was afforded. in fact, she was usually left to play indoors with her cousins while her brothers were able to play with the neighborhood children.

in elementary school, caedence was allowed to wear normal clothing. however, jeans and leggings were a twice a week deal, sometimes being only allowed to wear leggings under her dresses. her mother tried to preserve her father's culture as much as possible, however giving her child the freedom to match her clothing as she saw fit given that her body remained covered.

as caedence was approaching her ninth year of life, sharmila gave birth to samir, the last of the mubarak children. when samir was born, caedence became protective of her younger brother and was often trying to take care of him with her mother until he became of age to walk and talk. caedence got along well with all of her brothers, except kunal iii, who more or less treated caedence as if she were his personal slave.

forbidden to date due to religious and traditional reasons, caedence came into puberty at an awkward stage. she didn't really like what was happening to her body and that made it awkward. instead of wearing clothes that fit her, she found herself changing at a friend's house into sweats or just large t-shirts to hide the fact her body was changing. while she was able to wear bras and whatever underwear she wanted, she just didn't feel that the changes her body were going through were natural. at eleven, almost twelve she was trying to figure out ways to hide the fact her body was filling out. while other girls were proud of the new developments, caedence tried to hide it as best as she possibly could.

middle school, caedence began to find her own beat to march to. while at home and in her classes she was able to maintain good enough grades and get in little to no trouble, outside of school she would skip practices to hang with the local children. it was at this point she had experienced her first actual drink of liquor and second-hand high. while she didn't like neither much, it was the price she was going to pay for hanging out with the more popular neighbor/school kids.

kunal and sharmila had realized a change in caedence and jafari as they had got older and while he had always wanted to move from east oakland, it now seemed like the time to do so. the move had been done during spring break during her eighth grade year with what seemed at random. none of the children much liked the idea of a move but it was going to happen regardless of what any of the children wanted. jafari, caedence and samir had no choice but to adjust to their new surroundings. with family close by it wasn't too much of a change but there was an obvious dislike for the new surroundings. jafari had his license so from time to time, he and caedence would go back to oakland to hang out with friends and keep up with what was going on.

for kunal, caedence was always the hardest of his children to manage. he often raised a hand to his daughter in an attempt to keep her in line but it was having less and less of an effect on her as time went on. at the age of fifteen he insisted by the time she was sixteen she had to have a job and all this did was make things worse. as caedence landed her first job at footlocker, she was starting to make other decisions with her life that he didn't much approve of. first was the change in her clothes; his somewhat tomboyish daughter found herself in short dresses and clothes that were fitting or maybe a size too small all in spite of her father making her get out and work for money. most of her female cousins, even americanized, didn't have to work for extra money but because of kunal attempting to teach his daughter a lesson, she was made to work. spiteful as she could be, she managed to keep her job and even pick up as many extra shifts as possible.

tradition was a big thing for kunal when it came to his slightly unruly daughter. instead of spending her sixteenth summer at home and working, she was forced to return to egypt by herself. while kunal was convinced the strict household of his great grandmother would prove to straighten his daughter out, his main objective (unbeknownst to caedence when she left) was for his daughter to meet her future husband. while there, her grandmother introduced her to different males who seemed almost too set in their ways to be bothered with an americanized girl who was not of pure race. three males whom stood out to caedence, were not exactly the ones originally slated to marry the girl once she finished college. one night while out shopping with her great aunt, the woman had spilled the real reason behind the trip days before caedence's return. not sitting well with the idea of her future being decided based on monetary gain for her family's "best interest", she pretended to know what was going on and kept her personal feelings a secret until she got home.

one stipulation about the arranged marriage was that caedence had to be pure/a virgin and this was something she had been able to maintain for two years believing it would simply benefit her later, however the trip to egypt had proven it's real purpose. the ban on dating still in place, caedence decided once she got back home she was going to finally explore dating. while at first everything was fine, things took a turn when she met a young boy named scott. scott was from her old neighborhood and was into a lot of things her father wouldn't approve of, as if him being irish alone wasn't enough. caedence had brought him home to meet her mother, whom at first didn't see any harm in it until kunal found out about it. by the time caedence ending her sixteenth year, she was no longer a virgin and things started to go further downhill from there.

the loss of her virginity caused a problem within her family and eventually got her kicked out of the house. kunal, being tired of his daughter's antics had decided the best love to give her was tough love. being kicked out of her house, caedence moved from milpitas back to oakland with her mother's side of the family. school and work were what her life consisted of until she had finished high school completely. she had done home schooling for the rest of the last semester of her sophomore year as well as the remaining year high school years. home schooling left the option for her to work more hours and save up money to put herself through college. as bright as she was, she managed to finish her senior year two months and some change early and begun to apply for colleges. she struggled trying to find the money for school with her father having cut her off and took up multiple side jobs to keep her cash flow increasing. she did different things outside of her jobs at footlocker and elephant bar, ranging from doing hair and make up to babysitting the neighbor kids.

by the time she had applied to all of the universities she could possibly think of, caedence had become exhausted with the process and decided against going straight to a university until she could get more grants and possibly enhance her tennis skills to help her. ohlone community college was her first stop for higher education, the courses were a lot cheaper and everything could either be done online or just by going to class. mixing and matching her schedule had become easy to manage and her schooling was done even through summer. instead of just attending fall and spring, she took it upon herself to do summer courses and any extra workshop she could get into so that when she had applied for grants and got her transfer credits ready, everything worked in her favor.

ready to transfer, she had gotten most of her schooling paid for and her father had opened up to her once caedence had made her move to north carolina for school. despite her father agreeing to kick in (with stipulations), caedence decided against tapping into the money saved for her college fund which wasn't being offered in it's entirety. kunal had set limitations on how much she could use to the point caedence decided to do whatever she could on her own unless she absolutely needed it and only then would she call sharmila.

misc information

habits: often flicks her nails, bounces her leg or chews on the inside of her cheek- this is done usually when she is either dealing with something she is uncomfortable with, out of nervousness or simply stuck in thought. when she doesn't really care to hear what someone is saying, she will scratch the side of her face by her ear all while seeming enthusiastic. mild-mannered, caedy will avoid arguements as often as possible. while she loves to help people, as an empath she often gets overwhelmed and sometimes shuts down. being she had to pretty much support herself for a while her mind is always on money and ways to make it, to the point she does play the lotto and will even go to bingo. when bored, a deck of cards or dice will be pulled out of her pocket or her purse and if she's playing it is usually for money but she will play for fun to sharpen her skills.
likes: deep conversations,poetry/spoken word, weed, yoga, meditation, music, helping others, money, making money, mile runs, karate, spin classes, roadtrips, sneakers, scarves, weekly magazines, music magazines, indian food, soul food, asian inspired decor, bright/bold colors, rainy days, tetris & crossword puzzles.
dislikes: arguements, losing money, , humid weather, dirty hair, bad hairline, sweating, filthy cars, being manipulated, large family functions with her father's side, being compared to others, being treated unfairly & being uncomfortable.

scholastic achievements
Community College: ohlone college ( 1.5 years; basic courses ).
Under Grad: uni of n. carolina @ chapel hill.
Major: Psychology.
Minor: sociology.
Graduate School: UCLA; Life Sciences PhD Program.
Sports: Tennis, Cheer.
Clubs: Bite the Globe, Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children, Psi Chi, Undergraduate Research Journal of Psychology